EVE Online Introduces New Player Training Sessions

EVE Online is a scifi sandbox MMORPG by developer CCP Games which is renowned for having an unforgiving and steep learning curve. This is one of the major problems with attracting new players to the game, besides the less-than-welcoming community of players ready to exploit the unwary. CCP have often tried to help ease the new player blues.

The developers have revamped the initial tutorial and released various videos and trailers to help new players understand the concepts behind the complex universe. All these efforts haven’t solved all the obstacles standing in the way of a new player just yet, so CCP Games is getting hands on. The devs are setting up regular seminars, where players can be trained by members of the EVE Community Team in some fundamental EVE Online skills.

The first seminar will focus on PvP and will run for 10 sessions from October 10th to November 19th. These sessions generally last one hour and are a great way for new players to get the help that tutorials and guides just can’t offer. To find out more about the training sessions, read the dev blog. To find out more about EVE Online visit the game page.

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