EVE Online Releases Feature list for Tiamat Update

CCP is releasing its newest update for EVE Online on February 17th. Tiamat brings a wealth of changes in to EVE Online. Some of the new additions include a new Tech 3 Destroyers and new corperation tools. For more information on the Titamat patch, please see the corresponding post on the official website.

We are just getting started this year, and the Tiamat release brings on February 17th both quality of life changes and some significant next steps on the developing story of New Eden. Log in, undock and go find out what is really going on! Here are the features coming to EVE Online in Tiamat:


  • Drifters – Following the appearance of the Circadian Seekers in New Eden, a new ominous threat now glides through the darkness
  • Svipul: New Tech 3 Destroyer –  A new tactical destroyer has taken flight, this time from shipyards of the Minmatar Republic. Specializing in small projectile weaponry makes it deadly. It’s ability to physically morph into Defensive, Propulsion and Sharpshooter modes on-the-fly make it a game changer.
  • New Corporation tools – Intra-Corporation Combat Corporations can now decide if they want CONCORD to respond to “friendly fire” attacks between corporation members in empire space.
  • Projectile Weapon Rebalencing –  Tiamat takes on projectile weapons, focusing on improving quality and diversity of both weapons and ammunition
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