EVE Online Video Beginner’s Guide – Part 1

So it has been a few months now since I started EVE Online and to say the least, I am helplessly obsessed. For those of you who have been following my new(ish) series of articles, EVE Online: Diary of a Noob, you might know that I am not really a Sci-Fi fan (besides Star Wars of course!). Never would I ever believe that the perfect MMO for me would await in space, but here it is. EVE Online evidently is a complex game as some of you might have heard or experienced first hand, this is why I want to help new or aspiring pilots to gain a better understanding of the core mechanics through both articles and now video.

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Note: Sorry about the mic guys, spent a bunch of money on Razer headphones, expected their mic to be a lot better!

So here it is guys, the EVE Online: Video Beginner’s Guide – Part 1. To go alongside my articles I always wanted to be able to show you guys what I was talking about. I’m not much of a video kind of guy and I have never done this type of video before, but I didn’t let that stop me. So feel free to shoo me away and ask "Where’s Tobias Masters?", it isn’t a masterpiece but it’s 1080p so at least I got that part right! Of course if you have any questions, anything didn’t make sense or there is something you want to see in future, feel free to comment below. [Assuming you have watched the video by now and are for some reason still here] So how did I do? Did you find this helpful?

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