EVE Online Writing Contest Announced

EVE Online is a subscription based Sci-Fi sandbox MMO that features an expansive world filled with lore, stories, and history – written not only by the developers, but the players themselves. Many events have gone down on record in EVE Online, and it’s hard not to hear stories about it constantly, but there’s good reason.

New Eden has taken on a life of its own, and if you’re the kind of person who enjoys writing fan fiction then there’s never been a better time to start taking an interest in one of the most complex MMOs available. Developer CCP Games has announced a new writing contest that features some attractive prizes.

Writers can take part in two different categories, one is a fictional story based on the lore and the other is an account of events centered around your characters. Prizes include a new graphics card, one years worth of plex, and over 20 Billion ISK. Entries must be between 1500-5000 words, full details can be on the contest page.

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