EVE Online’s Proteus Release Out Now

Following CCPs promise to expand and grow EVE Online and following last months Rhea release, Proteus is out now for players!

EvE Proteus 2

Some of the features include

  • Rebalanced Recon Ships. Recon shops have gone back to the design board and snuck back out again. Notably there has been a change to immunity to detection by Directional Scanners for Combat Recons, making them incredibly deadly ambushers. Ninja Starships are out there.
  • Asteroid field effects bring pulverized rocks, dust particles, light rays and other atmospheric beautifications to the raw materials that help build the EVE universe.
  • High end exploration sites offer new hazards, traps and lucrative rewards for veteran explorers
  • 10 more groups of modules have been streamlined and simplified to maintain the sophistication of EVE without overdone complexity
  • The beta star map gains even more features and improved visualization
  • redesigned Gallente Exequror hull graces the previously humble logistics ship
  • New player mining locations ensure that there will always be a fresh store of Veldspar for those venturing into the first few days in EVE

As usual the full patch notes are available on the EVE community site here. One of the prettiest space games has now gotten prettier and more streamlined. EVE being EVE though, that doesn’t mean it’s gotten simple.

For more details on the path to Proteus and future information on Tiamat (due February 17th) be sure to keep an eye on the Dev Blogs or watch the video below with CCP Rise.

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