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Everquest 2 Guild Hall Comes with $400 Price Tag

Daybreak is wow’ing players once again, but this time not in a good way. They recently announced two new guild halls, Highhold and Skyshrine Capital. Everquest 2 guild halls (and player housing) are quite famously popular but this time they may have outdone themselves in more ways than one. The Daybreak Skyshrine guild hall can be purchased for Guild Tickets which can be bought from the marketplace , but there’s only one problem: it requires 400, and you’re going to be paying $1 apiece for them. That’s right, the Daybreak Skyshrine guild hall is going to cost you $400.


A Look at the Daybreak Skyshrine Guild Hall


According to the forums one guild was able to purchase it using the Daybreak cash they’d saved up over the years rather than spending real money (you get a stipend for being a gold member), and they had this to say:

$400 price tag for this Guild Hall is outrageous. So far only one guild has bought it, and that’s our guild, and we all pitched in our accumulated Daybreak Cash from our years of being subscribed members of this game. Thankfully we didn’t pay a single dime for this guild hall, but having no prior information on this guild hall other than it being in Skyshrine and having an additional amenity we believed it was worth getting, sadly it was not.”


Daybreak Skyshrine guild hall 

They went on to say:  “Assuming we were getting something along the lines of the Guild Hall buff they added with this expansion for levels 140 to 150 or the Hearbound buff we got this last GU100, we thought we were getting something awesome. A 200,000 experience vial that you can only get ONCE a WEEK. 200k xp doesn’t even get you 1 tithe point at level 100. And you can get more than 200k experience by killing a big group of mobs in Contested Kralet Penumbra in less than 5 minutes. Also the Experience Vial is LORE / NO-TRADE / NO-VALUE which means you can’t sell it or send it to your alts.”


As you can imagine, EQ2’s world chat is full of annoyed people right now, and they’re wondering whether or not this bodes poorly for Daybreak.


Our Thoughts

Daybreak has been shutting down games left and right, first Everquest Next, then Planetside and now Legends of Norrath. We’re wondering if the Daybreak Skyshrine guild hall, costing $400 is a last ditch effort to make some quick cash. We hope everything at Daybreak is going well. What are your thoughts on the $400 guild hall? Let us know in the comments.

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