EverQuest Goes Back to the Basics with a New Progression Server

Have you ever wanted to relive everything that EverQuest has to offer without making it seem trivial? Well, the new true box progression server Phinigel is going to make all of that old content relevant once again.

Instead of having all content immediately available, every 90 days a new EverQuest expansion will be unlocked. Unlike other progression servers, players won’t vote on content to unlock and the game won’t wait for players to clear raid content.


The EverQuest team also wants the experience to be as close to the original as possible and encourage players to group together. In order to accomplish this, players on Phinigel will be limited to one account per computer, which means no multi-boxing without multiple computers. Furthermore, major bosses will spawn in the open world and also be available during Raid Instances. Raid targets will have an account-wide 6.5 day lockout and bosses after Ragefire have had their difficulty increased.

In order to access Phinigel, players are required to have an All Access Membership. In addition to unlocking progression servers, the membership includes 10% off marketplace purchases and a claimable 500DBC each month.

Our Thoughts:

Progression servers provide an interesting alternative for players who are sick of grinding the same content while waiting for the next expansion.

Source: EverQuest

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