Everquest New Expansion Goes Live

Sony Online entertainment has launched the twenty first expansion pack for Its flagship MMO, EverQuest. In “The Darkened Sea”, players will have the chance to visit old areas that have been remastered for the new Expansion. Key details are listed below. For more information on EverQuest, please visit the official website.


  •  Eight unique zones available at launch, featuring six completely new zones and two re-imagined zones including:
      • Arx Mentis – Residing on a tiny island deep within the Buried Sea hidden from view by fog and magic, this fortress serves as a base of operations for the followers of Seru.
      • Brother Island – Home to an assorted group of pirates, merchants and other travelers, this safe haven keeps those who wish to cross the Buried Sea free from the lure of the sirens that plague its water… for a price.
      • Caverns of Endless Song – Colorful caverns in an underwater cave system filled with dangling kelp, coral, shells and glittering sandstone. Its beauty is alluring, but many who venture in never make it back out.
      • Combine Dredge – Once used to harvest resources from the depths of the sea floor, these mining platforms are now being used to raise sections of the seabed to find something… or someone.
      • Degmar, The Lost Castle – A translocated dwarven castle lies at the bottom of the Buried Sea. While old in age, it sits in pristine condition protected by magical barriers that keep out vile sea creatures and keep in its many secrets.

    • Katta Castrum – With its protective dome cracked and millions of gallons of seawater flooding the lower levels, the city finds itself under attack and its many treasures in peril from the Shissar.
    • Tempest Temple – Ravaged by endless storms and wild magic, pieces of the island lay suspended in the air after the summoning of the ultimate storm. The entire ecology hangs in ruin, with the dangers of an unstable volcano at the center of the chaos.
    • Thuliasaur Island – A remote jungle island to the south of the Buried Sea that is known for many more dangers besides its colossal dinosaur inhabitants.
  • Level increase to 105
  • New spells, AAs, items, quests, missions and raids!
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