EverQuest Next Canceled

In an exclusive interview with our friends over at MMORPG Russell Shanks, President of Daybreak Games revealed that development on Everquest Next has ended and the title has been canceled.
It has been a year since the last update about Everquest Next was made by the studio but Shanks says that the decision was reached recently. The interview also talks about the future of the Everquest Franchise and Daybreak’s plans. Plus Russel Shanks shares his thoughts on the MMORPG genre saying that he believes “the magic of MMORPGs and MMOs in general has not been diminished.”
Daybreak will now be focusing on launching Landmark, getting DCUO on Xbox One, and more development on H1Z1. They don’t currently have any new projects planned.

EverQuest Next Canceled

How we all feel today


Our Thoughts:

Unfortunately this was something I think we all knew was coming. With a long silence, the ending of Storybricks, and Dave Georgeson leaving the company it seemed like development on the game was going down hill for a long time. Thankfully from the interview we know that Landmark is still coming and we will see more from Norrath in the future. Still, today is a sad day indeed.

Our thanks to the crew at MMORPG for chasing this story.


Source: MMORPG Developer Interview

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