Extra Life Charity Breaks Records

Extra life is a US based charity which raised money for Children’s Hospitals. Once a year, gamers from all around the world play their favorite games for 24 hours straight, all in the name of a great cause. This year was a resounding success, breaking records from previous year. By the end of the main event Extra Life had raised over 5 million dollars for Children’s Hospitals all around the united states.

A total of $5,102,500.90 was raised by the end of the main event: the 24 hour marathon started at 8am Eastern time on Saturday. The event shattered last years record of 3.7 million. A more than fantastic result considering the fundraising site had been subject to various malicious hacking efforts and DDOS attacks. Currently Extra life has raised over 5.4 Million and donations are expected to keep coming in. The charity accepts donations until December 31st.

Extra Life game day 2014

Extra Life game day 2014

 “We are now at about 5.4 Million raised and donations continue to pour in! Thank you for doing so much for the kids! Remember donations can be submitted all the way until Dec 31st, but please don’t wait if you’re holding offline donations. Get them in and counted sooooon!” Stated event organizers via their official Facebook page.

Just because the event is officially over doesn’t mean you cant still help out. For information on this amazing charity or to donate, please visit the official website.

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