Fable Fortune Kickstarter Cancelled for Private Funding

Though the Fable Fortune Kickstarter was cancelled recently, this isn’t as bad as when Microsoft closed the former developer, Lionhead Studios, and forced them to Kickstart a project anyway as Flaming Fowl Studios. In fact, it may be seen as a good omen, as the final Kickstarter update noted that the enthusiasm the team received helped them secure a private funding, securing the game’s development without needing the Kickstarter.

Having raised £58,852 of the team’s £250,000 goal less than a week before the Kickstarter was set to end is probably for the best. Former backers shouldn’t fret though, as the studio promised to give everyone who backed them not only alpha access now, but closed beta access later. Everyone else interested in backing a CCG pushing co-op play with a morality system (obviously inspired by the Fable RPG series) will have to simply go sign up and pray.


Our Thoughts

It’s nice to see Flaming Fowl didn’t pull a Red Ash and get greedy, running a Kickstarter while simultaneously trying to get even more money. To then include all those who donated to the Kickstarter alpha access with a promise of beta access is even better, as it rewards those who believed in the project from the start, no matter how much they chipped in. It’s rare we see a Kickstarter that feels safe, gets the angel investor(s) it needs, and then actually let the little guy keep their money but still reward the effort.

It’s a good thing too, as so few online CCGs honestly focus on co-op modes and seem to smartly use an established IP. While the fact that a private funding boost needed to secure the title, it’s still a wonder that Microsoft not only closed the studio, but allowed them to keep this title.



Fable Fortune Kickstarter

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