Features coming to EVE Online in Tiamat

The last update to EVE Online, Proteus, is just over two weeks old but the forces of CCP rarely rest. The next update Tiamat is looming, with the scheduled release holding at the 17th of February.

The Tiamat release promises to brings both quality of life changes and the next steps on the developing story of New Eden.

Highlights of Tiamat include:

New NPCs with New Abilities.

Because the last thing something with as famous a learning curve as EVE needed was better, bolder and more cunning AI. So be warned, everything really is out to get you.

New Minmatar Tactical Destroyer – The Svipul


“The stance-switching tactical destroyer provides defensive, propulsion and sniper modes with different bonuses that can be switched between on the fly.”

It looks like Megatron in space ready to blow you out of same. In other words, it looks amazing as is to be expected from CCP.

CONCORD Intervention.

CONCORD, the tireless protectors of high security space can now be arranged to intervene on corporation matters. Keep the peace or else.

Also coming are new visual effects, new sounds and little quality of life rebalances.

To get all the details, check the community site here.

If nothing else, bask in the glory that is an active warp drive.

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