Felspire Beta 1.1: March on Tusk Valley Details

Since Felspire’s Open Beta launch in early August, the game has welcomed many people from across the globe. A lot of these players have successfully advanced classes to Templar, Sniper or Sage since then, but with Felspire’s newest update, they can advance even further! But that’s not all, Beta 1.1 also includes a new level cap, a new PvP map and a new equipment set system.

Class Advancement

Once you reach level 300, the Constellation system will be activated. This system includes 20 Constellations representing 20 divine human virtues. Players can use Stardust or EXP to activate the Constellations and receive attribute boosts. After activating all of the Constellations and reaching level 350, players will be able to advance to the third class to become either a Ranger, Paladin or Archmage.


Tusk Valley

The new PvP map, Tusk Valley, isn’t for everyone. You’ll have to walk through a land scorched by hell fire, which is inhabited by some of the most vicious creatures around. It is a place full of darkness, where the light never shines. As it is a PvP map, you can kill any monster or person you encounter if you are up for the challenge. Tusk Valley is only available to players of level 320 or above. In Tusk Valley, you’ll be able to find very valuable loots called Lapis.


Lapis are essential fusing materials for creating the divine armor sets. You can find Lapis outside of Tusk Valley as well, but only in VIP dungeons.

Other updates to the game include new features such as sharing achievements on Facebook to win rewards, a Name-Changing Card which allows players to change their character’s name, and lots of optimization to improve the gaming experience of players.

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