Feud Potentially Erupts Between Ark Pokemon Mods

Mods for PC games are a wonderful thing, especially when they can change the gameplay experience almost wholesale. So it is with Ark Pokemon mods, which replace the dinos of the game with the titular creatures. However, it appears that a copyright strike from an unexpected source is causing a miniature feud between two modders of the survival sandbox.

The mod with a DMCA strike specifically is called Pokemon Evolved, which adds Pokemon to Ark: Survival Evolved as well as the ability to fight with and ride on the monsters. According to reports, the copyright claim didn’t come from The Pokemon Company or Nintendo, but from another modder with the same idea, or at least a supporter of that same mod.

It is important to note that the creator of Pokemon Evolved admits that the models and assets of the Pokemon used were lifted from Pokemon X/Y as opposed to created from scratch, with adjustments made only to ensure the models work in Ark.

If you do want to snare every monster before the mod is taken out, you can check it out here.

Our Thoughts

So it’s clear that neither modder has right to the Pokemon copyright, but this whole matter does strike us as a tiny bit petty. Mods are fun, and the modding community generally is a supportive and creative place, so seeing this sort of thing happen is definitely worthy of a sidefrown.

Your Thoughts

Have you modded Ark: Survival Evolved? Which ones are your favorite? Have you played any Pokemon mods, or are you interested in this one specifically? Let us know in the comments.

Source: PC Gamer via PCGamesN

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