FFXIV Live Letter Reveals Incoming Class Adjustments

If you missed the recent Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter this past Saturday, it’s understandable; the thing was being held at 5:30 am EDT, after all. Luckily for those who can’t wake up early, there’s an update thread on the official forums with Q&A responses that revealed incoming changes to some of the game’s Jobs.

final fantasy xiv live letter

The very first question addressed the use of item level 270 accessories for tank classes which added extra Strength for more DPS. As a result of concern that ignoring Vitality would become the norm and make clearing high-level content more difficult, accessories will be getting a minimum amount of Strength starting with this coming Tuesday’s patch 4.05.

In additional tank news, Warrior and Dark Knight damage output will be adjusted upwards to keep pace with the Paladin. The cast time for Paladin’s Holy Spirit looks to be getting an increase, while Paladin and Warrior stance switching will no longer halve each Job’s Oath Gauge and Beast Gauge respectively. Adjustments are also being considered for Warrior’s Shake It Off ability, while the Warrior’s Storm’s Path combo and Dark Knight’s combo damage will both see an increase.

Healers will get a variety of tweaks come patch 4.05. Astrologians will get to discard Arcana and Royal Road cards; White Mage will see changes to the rate at which Lilies are earned as well as “major adjustments” to Plenary Indulgence; and Scholars are getting a list of changes including a trait that will reduce the cooldown of Aetherflow and changing the cooldown of Emergency Tactics to 20 seconds.

DPS classes will see changes as well, such as reduction in recast time for Fire IV, Blizzard IV and Triplecast for Black Mages, a reduction in potency to Ninja’s Gust Slash, and increases in damage to Machinist Hot Shot as well as potency of Rook and Bishop Overload skills while also teasing “more” changes on the way.

The Q&A also covers several other important topics for fans of Final Fantasy XIV, so be sure to check out the official forums for more.

Our Thoughts

It would appear that the devs of Final Fantasy XIV are going to not wait too long for some more direct class tweaks. We’re sure that players of the game will have a lot of opinions on what these changes all mean after reading this topic as well as seeing official patch notes.

Source: official forums

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