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Fight Off Super Clones in Champions Online: Teleios Ascendant

The latest update for Champions Online is now live. Do you have what it takes to stop Teleios and his army of clones?

Champions Online

In Champions Online: Teleios Ascendant, players are tasked with preventing the mad cloning genius Teleios from completing his Ascendency Formula. Under the direction of Major Mason, players can team up and assault the Teleious Tower in Canada.

“In the wake of Supervillain Onslaught and the resulting rampage of super-powered clones, UNTIL has activated “Project Frankenstein”. This new UNTIL Special Project under the command of Major Paul Mason keeps watch on the activities of the mad cloning genius, Teleios. Recently, UNTIL agents have discovered Teleios was nearing completion of his “Ascendency Formula”, enabling him to become Master of Humanity. UNTIL has authorized a UNITY strike force comprised of the strongest heroes to take him down!”

Teleios Ascendant is the newest level 40 Epic Villain Lair. It contains the most expansive amount of challenges in Champions Online yet, and with more risk obviously comes greater reward. UNTIL Liason Bradley will be directing players to Major Paul Mason in the UNTIL HQ in Millennium City.

Our Thoughts:

Of course no sane person wants a mad scientist and an army of clones running to world. It’s time for Champions Online players to get out there and stop the madness.

Source: Perfect World Entertainment

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