Final Fantasy XIV 4.2 Gets its Release Date

The most recent edition of the Live Letter from the Producer is once again chock-full of information for fans of Final Fantasy XIV. As expected, this letter further detailed Final Fantasy XIV 4.2, which has a release date, a new trailer, and the anticipated variety of new content.

final fantasy xiv 4.2

In addition to the expected updates – new dungeons, raids, trials and Main Scenario quests – patch 4.2 is adding a few surprising new features. Bards who use the Performance feature will now have a new UI element laid out like a piano, along with access to harp, grand piano, steel guitar and pizzicato instruments. A new weekly mini-game is also being added to the Gold Saucer where players dress themselves up based on a certain theme.

The Live Letter also introduced more specific details on how new housing plots will be purchased. Free Company housing plots will now only be purchasable by Free Companies with at least four members and players will only be allowed one private house and one Free Company house per World per service account. Individuals will also be restricted from buying plots for a limited time, with the restriction being removed later as the devs observe the situation.

There are, of course, the previously discussed updates such as new PvP features, the Glamour Dresser and a bunch more.

Patch 4.2: Rise of a New Sun will arrive on Tuesday, January 30th. All of what was covered in the Live Letter can be found on the official forums and a trailer for the new patch is below.

Our Thoughts

If you watched the trailer and are a fan of Final Fantasy VI…yes, that was precisely who you thought it was at the end there. As for the rest of 4.2, we’re certain that Final Fantasy XIV fans are going to look forward to another great patch worth of content.

Sources: press release, official forums

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