Final Fantasy XIV Shows Off HUD Adjustments

We’re a week away from the next content patch for Final Fantasy XIV as of this writing and there’s definitely a lot to look forward to. Perhaps one such quality-of-life feature is the new adjustments coming to the Final Fantasy XIV HUD, which were detailed in a dev blog.

final fantasy xiv hud

The latest developer blog takes a deep dive into the variety of ways players will get to arrange their HUD when 4.1 hits. Players will be able to increase HUD element size to 200%, break up target information into three separate windows, and split buff and debuff information into separate windows as well as increase the amount of buffs/debuffs that can be displayed at once.

The overall HUD adjustment window will also see a number of improvements, including a drop-down list to let players resize things instead of hitting CTRL+Home or the R3 button. The majority of the new HUD options will be accessible from windows as well instead of combinations of key or button presses.

You can check out full information about “HUD Layout (Extreme)” on the Final Fantasy XIV dev blog.

Our Thoughts

It’s a minor thing in the grander scheme of new content for Final Fantasy XIV, but as we’ve mentioned before, many times the smallest quality-of-life feature can make the biggest improvements. We’re certain that a lot of players of this MMO will welcome these new options.

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