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Five Classes Announced For Echo of Soul

Echo of Soul, the MMORPG coming to North America and Europe this Spring from Aeria Games, today announced their 5 unique character classes with details and artwork on their website.


Echo of Soul Classes - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs


Each class can choose between one of two specializations, each one as diverse as the next.

  • The Warrior is described as being a ‘fearsome knight’ and comes with rage and defense attributes in his specializations: the Berserker giving his party sustained melee damage, and the Protector a primary tanker.
  • The Rogue, our ‘solitary assassin’, focuses on accuracy and poisons leaving enemies paralyzed. His two specializations are the Duelist, providing burst melee damage with swift critical strikes and dynamic attacks, and the Assassin who provides melee damage-over-time, focused on utilizing poisons to steadily damage and weaken foes.
  • The Guardian is ‘a nymph warden of nature’ and can be a party’s Stormguard, a specialization wielding thunder and wind to weaken an enemy’s defenses and inflict powerful area-of-effect damage, or the Earthguard who can be a party’s secondary tanker using the earth to protect the party, and shock waves to destabilize enemies.
  • The Sorceress is Echo of Soul‘s magic class ‘mastering ice and fire spells’. Her specializations give us magical burst damage from the Firemage, and crowd control from the Frostmage with cool slowing effects (mind the pun).
  • The Archer, ‘an enigmatic songbird with razor-sharp arrows’, focuses on bow and music with the Huntress specialization bringing ranged damage to the party with fast powerful attacks, and her Bard specialization bringing support with melodic tunes to weaken enemies and bolster allies.


Echo of soul classes - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs


You might notice that Echo of Soul has no healer class which is to simplify group matching and make combat feel more fast-paced. This should give party combat an interesting dynamic with control in the form of tanks and support roles, but the need to work together differently than in a traditional trinity-based MMO. Associate Producer, Alex Billaud, says:

“Allowing players to customize their class and play how they like is a critical component that sets Echo of Soul apart in the MMO genre.Gamers will be able to adapt their character to the playstyle they like best, and each party will need to strategically balance these specializations to fill the ‘traditional’ MMO healer role – something unique to Echo of Soul.”


For more information on Echo of Soul and to register for beta access, visit their official website.

Source: Press release

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