Flying Dragon Mount Becomes a Hit in MMOs

Flying Dragon Mount Becomes a Hit in MMOs

The recent trend throughout media has been to showcase magnificent winged beasts in storylines, because that’s what fans want to see. Whether it be dragons in the Harry Potter books, or the Banshees in the hit movie Avatar, there’s something inexplicably appealing about mythical creatures that soar through the air with grace and power. It’s only fitting that Dragon Oath brings that experience to gamers in the new expansion, Age of Destiny.

As if the name of the game weren’t enough to tip you off, dragons are very important creatures in the world of Dragon Oath. In the new expansion, players will have the opportunity to gain a new mount, known as the legendary dragon Bladewind. This gigantic mount will fill up a huge portion of the map, and will also create a dust storm as it tears through the sky. Needless to say, everyone in the server will know when someone is on a Bladewind.

As if the look of this extraordinary beast weren’t enough, it also gives players advantages in gameplay as well, allowing them to increasing their speed by 70% and also to have a companion travel along with them on the dragon. Perhaps the most significant thing about this dual mount is that it will not cost players anything! To earn Bladewind, gamers will need to either participate in the Master and Apprentice system and work to collect the rare items that are needed to summon the dragon, or players will need to test their luck in the Lucky Bingo event that is held daily.
If you still needed another reason to play Dragon Oath, look no further than the powerful new Bladewind Dragon, roaming the skies of the Age of Destiny. Come see it for yourself!


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