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Flying Mounts Coming To TERA

Now is the time to be either really excited or extremely disappointed. A recent teaser video from Nexon, the new TERA publisher in South Korea, shows off what appear to be fully-functional flying mounts in the game.

Modes of travel are often some of the most controversial topics in MMORPGs. Make traveling too difficult and players complain about the slow pace of a game, but make it too easy and it breaks immersion. Ever since their introduction in World of Warcraft, flying mounts specifically have been a hot topic. They remove many annoying burdens from players, but they also minimize player interaction with both the environment and other people.

Earlier this month, Nexon took over publishing rights for TERA from Hangame in South Korea, and today they released the new Liberated Pegasus teaser trailer. For as long as the game has been around, flight in TERA was only available through the use of limited paths. Allowing players to use free range flying mounts could have a major impact on the gameplay.

However, TERA is already known for having relatively easy ways of traveling. Items like the Village Atlas and Travel Journal allow almost instant teleportation to major cities and previously saved locations. Adding flying mounts to TERA would probably cause less immersion issues than in other major MMORPGs.

Our Thoughts:

Actual details regarding the flying mounts are currently unknown, and it’s definitely a possibility that they will only have limited functionality. Furthermore, it will probably be quite a while before they’re implemented in the North American or European versions of the game.

Source: MMO Culture

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