For Honor Adjustments are in the Works

If you think that some For Honor adjustments are needed while playing the online slash-fest, you’re not alone. Ubisoft’s community developer Eric Pope took to the game’s subreddit to reveal some changes that are in the works.

For Honor adjustments

According to Pope, the developers have been taking in community feedback and are acting on it with several updates due soon. Adjustments include replacing players who leave Duel, Brawl or Elimination modes with a dead bot instead of a full-health bot, making a variety of tweaks to Valkyrie attacks and attack recovery time, and squashing bugs where Peacekeepers didn’t apply a bleed properly.

Guard Breaks are also seeing a great deal of adjustment. Countering a Guard Break during a Guard Break attempt will be reverted to the state it was during beta, and opponents of Conquerors and Berserkers will no longer be able to combo into a free Guard Break if they block a light attack from either of the two characters.

Information about when these changes will take effect was not detailed in the post.

Our Thoughts

While knowing a timeline of when these adjustments will take place would be nice, it’s good to know that the For Honor devs are paying attention to feedback and are working on making changes. We hope these first few updates will help make For Honor a more balanced experience for fans and that these updates will be arriving sooner rather than later.

Your Thoughts

Do you think these For Honor adjustments are enough or are there other changes that you believe should take precedence? What changes would you want to see in For Honor? Give us your input in the comments.

Source: Reddit

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