Former X-Play Hosts to Reunite at E3

Former X-Play hosts Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb will reunite at Bethesda’s E3 panel this year.

X-Play hosts at E3

According to a press release earlier today, former X-Play hosts Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb will host the Pre and Post Shows at Bethesda’s E3 Showcase. Bethesda officially welcomed the dynamic duo in a Twitter announcement earlier today. Pete Hines and staff are still working out the event details

One of the most recognizable faces in video gaming, Adam Sessler was the co-host of X-Play for almost 15 years, from its first air date in 1998 to its closing in 2012. He and Morgan Webb will host the Bethesda shows backstage at the Dobly Theatre, giving viewers an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience that will broadcast on Bethesda’s Twitch and YouTube channels. Together, the hosts will share insights and talk to Bethesda’s most-renowned developers.

“I am thrilled to be reunited with Morgan Webb again and coming together for Bethesda’s first-ever E3 Showcase makes it that much better,” Sessler said in an official press release. “Over the years the talent and games from Bethesda’s studios have always been a point of admiration, and my excitement couldn’t be more palpable. Seriously, my scalp is tingling.”

“I’m looking forward to that moment when Adam and I get to sit down with Bethesda’s developers right after the show wraps,” said Webb. “We know we’re going to see some big reveals at the Showcase, and we will be there to make sure the fans get all the information they’re craving. We’d love the fans to get involved in the conference via Twitter and Twitch, so we can take their questions straight to the people behind the games they love.”

 How to Get Involved

Fans can join the conversation on Bethesda Softworks’ Twitter (@Bethblog) and in the Twitch chat stream during the Showcase by using the official Bethesda E3 hashtag: #BE3. Adam and Morgan will ask viewer questions to developers live during the post-show, with cool prize giveaways for anyone whose tweet is called out.

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