Fortnite Battle Royale Teases a Bush Costume

Battle royale games are all about carefully scanning your environment for obvious threats, but a teased Fortnite Battle Royale costume is making one of those threats not so obvious: a costume that can let players dress up like a piece of foliage.

fortnite battle royale costume

A teaser video from the game’s Twitter offered a quick peek at the bush costume, which lets players “sneak around the map in style as everyone’s favorite hiding spot”. According to further replies in the Twitter update, the bush outfit will be an in-game Legendary rarity consumable. A player will remain in bush form until they take damage.

The sneaky bush costume consumable is due to come to Battle Royale with patch V.1.8.2, which currently has no release date. You can take a look at the teaser in the embedded content below.

Our Thoughts

Well, this is either going to be a hilarious and troll-y addition to Fortnite Battle Royale or a source of endless aggravation and unbalancing misery for players of the game. Where do you stand with the addition of the bush costume? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Twitter

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