Fortnite Kicks Off Season 5 and an $8M Esports Event

All of the rift randomness and hinting has finally led up to the Fortnite Season 5 launch, which literally sees worlds collide in Battle Royale and a Road Trip event for Save the World, along with the usual mélange of items, vehicles and other things.

fortnite season 5 launch

In Battle Royale, several new locations have appeared in the map including a desert region, a viking ship, a Lazy Links location, and a variety of other unnamed points of interest. There are now rifts that players can run through to experience “a wild ride” along with an all-terrain golf cart.

Season 5 also comes with its own Battle Pass full of brand new items for players to unlock, with a new assortment of skins, gliders and emotes – a total of 100 new items overall. The pass is available for 950 V-Bucks and buying in will immediately unlock two new skins.

For Save the World, players can get into the Old West spirit with new Western-themed heroes and Flintlock weapons, and the return of Challenge the Horde mode which will have players facing Husks in a new, close-quarters desert map.

Finally, this weekend will see the beginning of an $8M Summer Skirmish esports event. The series will run for eight weeks, starting with a $250k Duos competition. Specifics on who has been invited to the event were not announced at the time of this writing, but the reveal promises players will see “community creators and Fortnite players who have demonstrated their competitive prowess”, and also mentions that competitors may change from week to week.

Details about the new Battle Pass are here, patch notes for the update are here, and a trailer showing off the Battle Pass goodies is below.

Our Thoughts

Well then! Not an awful lot of narrative reason for there to suddenly be various time-related shenanigans, which is a bit of a letdown honestly. But then again, that’s only what’s on the surface via patch notes; we suspect that the intrepid players of this game will be doing some digging and uncovering some more intriguing tidbits over time.

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