Fractured Hints at Funding Announcement and Dev Updates

Let’s see…when was the last time I wrote about Fractured. Ah, here it is; last October when it talked about character progression. Since then, there’s not been a lot of big noise out of the game as admitted by the devs themselves (not counting several feature spotlights, of course). That said, new – and big – Fractured announcements are promised to be coming soon.

fractured announcements

Fractured’s official forums offered fans a brief rundown of new updates followers of the game can expect. The first and arguably most impactful is one related to securing funding for the MMO. While the post doesn’t go into great detail, it does promise that tying up all the final loose ends should only take a matter of days and more information should be expected on March 13th.

The post also offered a hint at the next feature posting from the team, which will touch on the topic of PvP. This next write-up will offer greater details on how players on the three different planets coexist, including how likely will ganking be for players on Arboreus or how much of a killing spree a player on Tartaros can go on in different planets.

Finally, the team is nearly finished on putting together a video of Fractured in action to share with the world. Unfortunately, said video has been delayed as a result of a couple weeks’ worth of work on environment and NPC AI development, but fans should expect to see this footage soon.

Our Thoughts

Admittedly, we haven’t been keeping a close enough eye on Fractured’s progress, but this new funding announcement and other planned updates appear to be poised to change that. And not just for ourselves, either, but for the MMORPG community at large. We’re looking forward to learning more!

Source: official forums

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