Fractured MMO Seeks Opinions on its Kickstarter Pledge Offerings

We MMO fans are an opinionated lot. Just troll any related subreddit or comment section and see if your brain doesn’t beg for some form of intellectual water afterwards. With that in mind, the Fractured MMO Kickstarter pledges are being previewed by the devs and they’re looking for your opinions on them.

fractured mmo kickstarter pledges

The pledges range in price from €5 to €10,000 with the usual bells and whistles that one would expect out of crowdfunding bundles, including forum titles, access to testing phaes and other various things of that sort.

The devs are specifically asking for opinions on price fairness, interest in specific types of packs, if people think there’s anything missing, and whether or not Foundation points should be included in the pledge tiers.

If you happen to be a fan of the in-development Fractured MMO and like typing your opinion, be sure to look over the pledges and hit the “Discuss” button on the bottom to sound off.

Our Thoughts

We don’t have a horse in this race, but with a quick once-over of the pledges in question, it seems like the Fractured MMO crowdfunding tiers are fair, or otherwise don’t seem to dissimilar to other drives of this sort. We’re looking forward to seeing where this discussion goes in the meantime.

Source: official site

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