Free DLC For Warhammer: End of Times – Vermintide

Indie developer Fatshark announced today that a new free DLC pack was available for Warhammer: End of Times – Vermintide. Sigmar’s Blessing is the first free downloadable content update for the co-op shooter set in the Warhammer fantasy universe.

The new update is already available and introduces 40 new veteran weapons and five new weapon traits: Off Balance, Backstabbery, Inspirational Shot, Diversion and Safety in Numbers. Additionally, new hero trinkets were added that increase the chance of equipment dropping for a player’s corresponding hero.

If that wasn’t enough new loot then the update also adds the Shrine of Solace, where players can sacrifice tokens to create powerful new weapons for specific tiers, types and heroes. Eventually, the shrine will also allow players to re-roll traits on their current weapons.

“After the successful launch, we’ve barely had time to celebrate as we’ve been 100% focused on fixing bugs and creating new content to further expand Vermintide”, said Martin Wahlund, CEO of Fatshark. “Sigmar’s Blessing is just the beginning and we are looking forward, to continually add new modes and features into 2016 and beyond”.

Our Thoughts:

There’s nothing quite like adding even more ways to deal with those dastardly Skaven. Moreover, we’re hoping for a future patch that introduces some form of PvP to the game.

Source: Fatshark

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