Free to Play Steam Punk MMORPG Black Gold at E3 2012

Not a lot is currently known about this soon-to-release steampunk MMORPG from Snail Games and Russian game developer Mental Games, though, we had a quick chance to chat with Snail Games about the project at E3 2012.

We also saw a new trailer, though sadly, couldn’t gain access to it for this preview. Instead, take a look at the trailer shown last year at ChinaJoy:

In essence, Black Gold looks to be a typical Free to Play MMORPG with few exceptions; chiefly, a large focus on PvP and resource capturing, including a variety of game modes that range from typical Deathmatch and Capture the Flag variants, to some more innovative modes, such as Hostage Takeover.

So far, we’ve learned that there will be 2 camps (presumably factions), 6 races (though, at this point, we’ve really only seen the giant wolf men that look a little too much like the Worgen’s rom WoW), 8 occupations (professions), and 24 sub-occupations (we have no idea, but this does sound promising). 

mmo games black gold

Visually, Black Gold sits somewhere in between last gen and next gen, with some impressive environments that are let down by average character models and animations. AIrships look to be playing a large role, which is something we’re personally pretty excited about (though, that’s probably because we’re still drooling over Guns of Icarus), alongside a bunch of awesome looking steampunk themed vehicles and steam-powered armours. Hell, we even heard something about enormous mechanical castles, and we’re pretty happy about that.

mmo games black gold

Here’s hoping we hear some more about Black Gold in the months leading up to release – and, of course, when we do, we’ll have it right here on

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