FreeStyle Basketball Gamers help Haiti with Game Points

FreeStyle Basketball Gamers around the World help Haiti with Game Points

Donated $3,010 through Unicef on Jan.


Seoul, January 18 – Following recent disasters including the earthquake in Haiti and heavy snowfalls in Europe, Gamers are keeping


Free Online Game Portal GameKiss announced that the FreeStyle Street Basketball Game donated on Jan. 15 the game points collected from last

holiday events to the Haiti relief fund.

FreeStyle Street Basketball Game had hosted a supporting event called "Help the world with

FreeStyle" to celebrate the holiday season between Dec. 16 to Jan. 6. The event was to support the youth by gamers’ collecting game points — something more worthwhile

than the simple competition and fun.

During the Help the world with FreeStyle support event, a total of 301,000 points had been accumulated

by 164 participants. This is calculated into $3,010 in cash. The sum was supposed to be used for the Unicef’s general relief activities, but when the earthquake wreck a havoc

in Haiti, it was decided that the fund was to be transferred to Unicef’s emergency relief activities in Haiti. The fund was donated to Unicef on Jan. 15.

"We are sorry that such a disaster happened from the beginning of 2010. The donation comes from users who donated the points instead of spending them to

decorate their characters or buy basketball skills," said RomaN, Chief GM of FreeStyle Street Basketball Game. "I would like to deeply thank the 164

FreeStylers who participated in the event."

"GameKiss will come up with more donation events in which not only FreeStyle Street

Basketball Game users but also GameKiss’s other users can participate. Through the supporting campaign, we would like to provide the community and game service that can

reflect the cooperative mind of the users."

More details about “Help the world with FreeStyle” can be found on the official website:

href=”” target=”_blank”>


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