Friday Livestreams Planned Through August for Trove’s Eclipse Update

Trove’s next major update is on the horizon, and Trion Worlds is apparently very eager to talk about it. A series of Trove Eclipse livestreams are planned through the entire month of August leading up to the update’s simultaneous launch on all platforms.

trove eclipse livestreams

Starting today, August 4th, Trove will be showing off the new Gem Forging system, which will let players modify the stats on existing gems. Then on Friday, August 11th, the devs will be showing off the new World Atlas quick travel system. Friday, August 18th is devoted to Sub Classes, a new system that lets level 10 players unlock a passive skill and stat bonuses from any other class in Trove.

It all leads up to the final Trove Eclipse launch stream on Friday, August 25th, when the new update will go live for all platforms Trove is currently on.

All of the livestreams will kick off starting at 12:30pm PDT. If you’re eager to see what’s next for your blocky little adventurer, you can tune in on the Trove Twitch channel.

Our Thoughts

Looks like things are about to be shaken up pretty significantly for Trove. We’re sure that fans of this adorable little voxelbox will be looking forward to seeing what’s next for the game, and we’re looking forward to getting more details as well.

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