Elite: Dangerous Supporting SteamVR over Oculus Rift

Frontier Promises Content Rich Expansions For Elite After Launch

In Frontier’s latest newsletter for their upcoming space sim sandbox MMO Elite: Dangerous, they talk about the post-launch plans. Launch as you may or may not know, is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year. Frontier has promised to keep up with the game, even after its launch, promising some exciting new content down the road.

“Major new features will include planetary landings and even walking around inside ships, stations, and planet surfaces,” the firm says. Elite users with a lifetime expansion pass will get “all such significant expansions” at no extra charge. The LEP is currently packaged with the game’s premium beta access or available separately via the Frontier store.

For those interested in opting into the early access, can visit this link to check out the Lifetime Expansion Pass.
“For those who have a Lifetime Expansion Pass (included in Premium Beta and Alpha, and also still available here until 29th July) all such significant expansion will be included.  Those without the Lifetime Expansion Pass will be charged for each expansion as they are released.”

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