Funcom Announcing New Conan Game on Saturday

On social media, Funcom announced today that they will be announcing the new Conan game on Saturday on Twitch. The reveal will take place on a live stream in collaboration with Kinda Funny Games and Greg Miller. The showcase will begin at 10 AM Pacific time on the Kinda Funny Games showcase. Funcom has posted a countdown so you can see exactly when that will be.

This is just one of several new games that Funcom has in the works. During the third quarter report for 2018, it was revealed that they have two Conan games in the works at the moment. One is a single player game for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The other is a PC game being made with Petroglyph.

In addition to the two Conan games, Funcom is also in the process of developing three other games. The first is a Heroic Signatures game, which means that the IP was created by the same person who created Conan. They also have a game that they expect to release Halloween 2019 being made with RockPocket Games. Finally, they’re working on an open world multiplayer game. As of the Q3 report, it was in the concept phase. So it is still very early days for this game.

Conan Exiles has been a huge success for the company so it really doesn’t come as any surprise that we will be getting more Conan games. Don’t forget to tune in to Kinda Funny Games this Saturday for the big reveal. If you can’t be there to watch it happen live we will have all the information available as soon as it is announced. And let us know in the comments what kind of game you’re hoping for. My fingers are crossed for Skyrim meets Conan, complete with lusty Argonians.


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