Devilian fury of the tempest

Fury of the Tempest Devilian Update on February 18

Action MMORPG Devilian will be receiving the Fury of the Tempest content update on February 18, which will add a new class, increased level cap, and new dungeons.

The Fury of the Tempest update will add the Tempest class to Devilian. The Tempest is a new dynamic character that is skilled in acrobatics and the transformation of weapons. She starts out with twin daggers, which would probably be classified as full-fledged swords in most other games, that can be transformed into a dual-bladed glaive.

While there weren’t a ton of details revealed about the Tempest class, it’s likely that it will be another class that utilizes rage instead of having a mana or energy bar. The Tempest has been confirmed to be a female class, and due to Devilian’s gender-locked system it’s unlikely there will be a male counterpart. In addition to the new class, Fury of the Tempest will be increasing the maximum level to 54. There will be a new Raid, two new dungeons, and level 54 gear sets.

Our Thoughts:

It has only been a couple month since the official launch of Devilian, but it’s nice to see a major content update already. Adding a new class should greatly increase the replay value, and a quick turnaround for new events and high-end content is essential for sustaining a player base in an action MMORPG.

Source: Trion

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