G-Star 2014: Ghost In The Shell Online Revealed

Nexon Korea have released the debut trailer for Ghost In The Shell Online.

Well, we’ll call it Ghost In The Shell Online as the apparent title of Stand Alone Complex Ghost In The Shell First Connection Online is both a mouthful and a grammatical minefield.

Showcasing a number of abilities and plenty of action the trailer shows off some entertaining action and classes. Not too much action however as they are sensitive about 18+ entertainment, so expect the headshots on youtube to be replaced by a smiling hat wearing chap.

Ghost-in-the-Shell Online

Choose from five different classes..

  • Speed: quickly running past the opposition only to burst out and blow people away.
  • Power: Why have cyborgs and not have human tanks? Every implanted arm should come with a RPG to deal with difficult situations.
  • Stealth: Does exactly what it says on the tin but with some nice added bonuses. Not simply stealthy but able to arrange ambushes with a little clever optical shield.
  • Detect: The counter balance to the Stealth. Superior awareness and sensors acting as superior ability and defense. He can hear you around that corner, see you through that cover… and then there’s his drone.
  • Support: When you absolutely positively require a turret to turn bad guys into hamburger, accept no substitutes.

An added feature shown in the video which brings in a nice bit of tactical play is the ability to skill share. No word yet on the limitations but it doesn’t just have to be the Stealth class sneaking around in cyborg camouflage.

Ghost In The Shell Online is set to launch in 2015 as part of Nexons lineup.

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