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Game Director Chimes In on WoW Legendary Soft Caps

Ion Hazzikostas spoke out yesterday on the Blizzard forums, confirming that there were, in fact, WoW Legendary soft caps in place. He also explained the rationale for installing the system and later announced that the cap was removed.

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According to Hazzikostas, the rate of Legendary drops started out stingy on purpose in order to achieve a balance between reward and generosity. “If we erred on the side of Legendaries being too common, a chunk of the playerbase would’ve had bags full of legendary items and no more to look forward to for months to come,” explained Hazzikostas. “If we’d tried to ‘fix’ it after the fact, then everyone who hadn’t taken advantage of the generous period would have felt forever behind.”

Thus, bad luck protection was put in to place in order to make sure people who experienced a streak of bad rolls finally were able to be rewarded. What the team didn’t count on, though, was the eagerness of their playerbase to earn those rewards, particularly a small fraction of players who first raised the question.

“By mid-November, we started to hear questions about whether there was some sort of 4-legendary limit, and we realized that there existed a group of players that had done so much content that they actually had an expected legendary count of around 4. What we genuinely did not anticipate was just how much some of the very most dedicated players would play, mainly in pursuit of Artifact Power.”

According to Hazzikostas, the soft cap for Legendaries was removed roughly a week ago, with the bad luck protection applying indefinitely. “If/when some players get to a point when they have every legendary available for their spec, then so be it. They certainly will have earned it, and there will be more coming in future patches,” the director wrote.

our Thoughts

It’s kind of funny how the developers of the largest MMORPG in the genre underestimate the fervor of their own playerbase. Of course, the folks who were hitting the soft cap in mid-November are hundreds out of millions of players, but that’s more than enough to have gotten the word out about the soft cap. We’re happy that Mr. Hazzikostas opened up about the matter, and during Thanksgiving no less!

Your Thoughts

Have you hit the soft cap and quit the game as a result? Does this new information make you ant to re-enter the game or try harder to get your Legendaries? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Source: official forums via Ten Ton Hammer

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