Gamescom 2016: World of Warcraft Legion Brings Back Karazhan In Patch 7.1

If World of Warcraft players needed any more reasons to get hyped about Legion, Ion Hazzikostas and the rest of the crew just announced at Legion Cafe in Koln that Karazhan is making a comeback! And this time, it’s nowhere near as flashy or comedic as Hearthstone’s disco-tastic expansion.

The trailer shown at Legion Cafe is a somber one, with Moroes seemingly allowing the Legion into Karazhan. Read on to catch up with what is known so far!

legion karazhan

Legion Karazhan’s comeback will be as a 5-player, Mythic-only dungeon, comprising all nine bosses and comparable to a small raid, which will surely appeal to players who prefer and are missing at the moment the experience of raiding in smaller groups. It won’t replace the old Karazhan raid and will have a separate entrance. Players will be able to explore the new Karazhan surprisingly soon, because patch 7.1 is going live on the PTR at the same time as the Legion launch.

In addition to Karazhan, patch 7.1 will also have outdoor content associated with Suramar that pushes forward the Nightfallen story. Finally, there will be a small additional raid between The Emerald Nightmare and The Nighthold to wrap up the Stormheim story.

legion karazhan

Additionally, Ion Hazzikostas made a few comments on the way developers are approaching the content currently. He stated that the focus going forward is a steady stream of content so as to make sure players didn’t run out of things to do. In other words, to make sure that there is always content in the live game while working on the expansions. This is reflected in the fact that raid tiers are now expected to last about 4-5 months to prevent a content drought.

However, quality will not be sacrificed, as expansions will not be rushed and will simply be released “when they are done”, as previous experiences have indeed been made worse by rushing and sacrificing important elements.


Our Thoughts:

The new Legion Karazhan will surely become a favorite with players for being such an important piece of World of Warcraft history. To some, it brings back joyful memories, to others it is a fabled place they only heard of in tales of more experienced players. Whatever the reason, we are sure that the PTR will be more populated than ever as soon as patch 7.1 is available. That being said, it will be hard to choose between exploring the new content and leveling one or more characters and their artifacts, depending on the amount of time available to each person.

Regardless, we are extremely excited and can’t wait to go back to Karazhan, share the nostalgia with our friends and see what challenges await us in the new dungeon. Anyone fancy a game of chess?

Your Thoughts:

What do you think about the World of Warcraft Legion Karazhan dungeon reveal and it taking about 2 hours to complete according to the stream? Will you go explore Karazhan as soon as it’s available on the PTR or do you prefer to spend time on live and leave some mystery over what is to come? Let us know in the comments below!


Source:Legion Cafe livestream, MMO-Champion


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