Gamescom 2019: Elder Scrolls Online Will Be On Stadia

One of the big questions we’ve had about Google Stadia since it was announced is if it would have online games. Well, it seems that we now have an answer to that question since Elder Scrolls Online will be on Stadia according to the announcement made at Gamescom today. And actually, if you’ve been following Elder Scrolls Online you would have already known this. Today though we got to see it become official during the Stadia Connect presentation at Gamescom 2019.

What we do know already is that there won’t be any cross-platform play with PC or consoles. So anyone playing on Stadia won’t have access to the 13 million ESO players that currently exist. How many people will be on a Stadia server? Will they have the population to support an MMO? All questions we’ll just have to wait to have answered.

There is also the question of data usage. MMOs are notorious for being big beasts. That’s why we’ve never seen any MMOs that are anywhere near as gorgeous as single-player games. What will that mean for streaming an MMO? Thanks to a PC Gamer article we know that Stadia will use 1TB of data in 65 hours of 4k streaming. If you have a monthly data cap on your internet you might want to seriously consider what you’re doing before you get Stadia. 65 hours goes by in a flash, especially when you’re talking about MMOs. At my height of playing MMOs, I could have easily done 65 hours in just a few days.

Check out the trailer below for Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr which was shown during the Stadia Connect presentation at Gamescom 2019.

Source: Stadia Connect Presentation

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