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Gamescom: Heroes of the Storm Shows New Characters, Skins, and Mounts

It looks like Blizzard is not yet done making announcements at Gamescom. Earlier today, they gave an exclusive look at upcoming Heroes of the Storm characters, skins, and mounts.

Heroes of the Storm at Gamescom

Though none of the Heroes of the Storm info shared this morning is necessarily new, Blizzard’s latest video does a great job summarizing the event.

Heroes of the Storm is currently in the middle of its Diablo expansion, Eternal Conflict–meaning most of the characters, maps, and items added are inspired by Blizzard’s Diablo IP. That said, Blizzard’s announcements this week seemed to span IPs. The developer/publisher announced three new playable characters and a new map: Kharazim, Rexxar, Artanis, and Infernal Shrines, respectively. Kharazim is the first support character from the Diablo franchise, Rexxar is a ranged fighter from Warcraft, and Artanis is a melee warrior from Starcraft.

The video released this morning (above) highlights two of the three characters revealed at Gamecom, showing skins and mounts. The video shows a little game play, too, giving players a quick look at some of the new characters and mounts in action.

Ranked Play

Ranked play has also received an update. According to a recent blog post on battle.net, ranked play will go live at the start of the next patch. All Hero League and Team League ranks will be reset to accommodate the new ranked system. For more information, see the official blog post here.

Source: Blizzard


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