Gathering Gets Glyphs in Guild Wars 2

It would seem it’s high time for a few changes to the way Guild Wars 2 gathering works. A new post on the game’s website has outlined a number of adjustments to harvesting tools, including the introduction of Glyphs and other features designed to help players better customize their gathering experience.

guild wars 2 gathering

The Glyph system is an expansion of the smaller bonuses certain gathering tools offered, which were meant to be a nice boon but ended up feeling incomplete. With Glyphs, players can now slot in specific bonuses such as increased Leatherworking finds, faster gathering, or a speed boost once gathering is finished. Glyphs can be swapped at will without the use of an Upgrade Extractor and can be applied to most gathering tools, both limited-use and unlimited-use, unless the limited-use tool already has an inherent bonus.

The new update will also let players apply tool skins through the Wardrobe system much in the same way they can with weapons and armor. Gathering tool skins can be applied across your entire account and can be applied to limited and unlimited-use tools.

This new system is expected to arrive at some point soon and will be expanded with additional Glyphs in future updates. For the time being, players can expect to get these new-look gathering tools from the Gem Store or as a random drop in Black Lion Chests. If you’ve perhaps already bought a Gem Store gathering tool that should have a Glyph slot, you can turn it in to Black Lion Exchange Specialist to get the improved version free of charge.

Our Thoughts

Thinking on it now, it does make sense to allow the same level of customization and flexibility with gathering equipment as it does any other piece of kit in Guild Wars 2. It would be nice if these items could be gotten from other sources, though, instead of the game’s loot boxes or cash shop.

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