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Gazillion Announces Marvel Heroes Korean Launch

A partnership with Gazillion Entertainment and cloud streaming service Ubitus has yielded the ability for a Marvel Heroes Korean launch.


The partnership between the two companies is the start of a planned global expansion of Marvel Heroes 2016 in to Asian territories, with fully localized versions of the game planned by both companies over the coming months.

The announcement comes as South Korean fans are exposed to Marvel’s characters and seek out new games to play featuring characters from the brand. “As Marvel characters continue to gain popularity in Asia thanks to Marvel’s own efforts, millions of new fans are craving great games to play,” says Gazillion CEO David Dohrmann. “South Korean gamers and Marvel fans are in for a real treat, and we can’t wait to expand the audience even further.”

Marvel Heroes 2016 is out now in South Korea, though additional Asian territory launch dates were not provided in the release.

Our Thoughts

Congratulations to Gazillion Entertainment on the game’s territorial expansion! We’re excited for fans in South Korea to get their hands on this fun and high-paced Marvel MMOARPG. We look forward to seeing the title grow in to more countries very soon.

Your Thoughts

Are you a fan of Marvel Heroes? Are you looking forward to seeing the game expand in to Asian countries? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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