Get in Shape With Zwift The New Cycling MMO

Racing MMOs aren’t a new thing, but Zwift is. The new cycling MMO from from Zwift LLC. Players will have the opportunity to race around the world on their favorite bicycles. You will be able to challenge other players, compete in events and enjoy all the social elements an MMO offers. The twist? Zwift’s main feature is that it allows you to connect your real world bike to a series of sensors that interact with your computer.


Zwift promises to let players zoom through beautiful sweeping landscapes without ever leaving their home. Enjoying MMOs is a favorite past time for many of us. Admittedly, we probably sacrifice real world exercise in order to enjoy our favorite games. Zwift is an interesting concept that if it succeeds, will allow us to do both. Gamer’s aren’t necessarily the primary audience though, there are obvious applications for cyclists who still want to be able to train in the off season, or the fitness enthusiast looking to spice up their at home routine. If the project is a success you may even see Zwift popping up in your local gym.


Information is still pretty limited. No official release date has been announced. Zwift has definitely got our interests though. There is still the issue of accessibility and hardware costs. Zwifts appeal may be slightly limited with the cost of hardware and the 10 dollar a month subscription. The ultimate question though is if Zwift is enjoyable to play. Soon you can find out for yourself. The doors have recently been opened to limited beta test of 1000 players. If you’re interesting you can find more information at the official website. One things for sure, it puts a whole new spin on the phrase “MMO treadmill”

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