Get Ready for the WildStar Beta Key Giveaway!

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you some very good news. We here at MMOGames are working together with NCSOFT to bring you a very special giveaway. WildStar Beta keys to be exact! Yes you heard me, WildStar Beta keys are up for grabs starting Tuesday April 15th!


WildStar Beta key Givaway whoop!

But that is not all, during this Beta testing phase, players are able to earn free items before the launch! For each day a player logs into the game between now and launch, (including pre-order weekend as wel as Open Beta), accounts will receive three Boom Boxes at launch. What are these boxes good for? Well they can be used once per day to receive a random assortment of possible goodies, these include XP buffs, housing items, unique runes, mounts, unique costumes and more!

“Boom Boxes will always be a free gift from us to you, but after launch their availability will be limited to various special events we run for the community, whether in-game, on the web, or even in the real world. Don’t miss out on your first opportunity to earn the boxes for launch day!”


One of the winnable mounts you can get from the boom box.

The Keys provide access to play WildStar starting from Friday April 18th 15:00 CEST to Monday 21st 08:00 CEST, with the level cap being level 20.

Down here is a little taste of WildStar:

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