Getting The Most Out of Diablo 3: Tips and Tricks

With the release of Diablo 3, coming from a seemingly infinite wait, turning to hours and hours of glorious demon slaying, any gamer worth their salt has now nestled up with Diablo 3. It’s a love hate relationship; from frustrating fits brought on by extra hard mobs or bosses, to the angelic moments when you pick up that piece of loot that sees you dominating the hordes of hell in one hit.

Diablo 3 is easy to pick up and incredibly hard to put back down again. Given that, I have had a lot of people who didn’t spend countless hours before release researching every tiny detail about the game, come up to me, completely shocked when I tell them of basic tricks and tips that have the potential to not only make your time spent destroying Diablo’s minions much easier, but a lot more fun too. Naturally, being the caring and sharing kind of guy I am, I’ve compiled a small list of tips and tricks that you may or may not know, with the goal of letting you get the most out of the game.

Elective Mode

This is one of, if not the, most important options that needs to be switched on when you’re playing to really get the most out of the game. Elective mode allows you to slot any ability into any of the default 1,2,3,4 and left and right mouse buttons, as opposed to being restricted to one button per type of ability. It’s quite possible to go through on normal, and I’m betting even nightmare, with elective mode turned off. 

The problem arises when you come up to difficult yellow and purple elites with a plethora of attributes that can potentially void half of your equipped skills null and void, due to things such as massive AoE damage that doesn’t let you get close, entrapping skills, etc. It’s a foolish move to continue to respawn and try and take down these elites with inefficient skills, and will cost you both time and gold (mainly due to repair costs from your constant death). Simply taking a minute before you fight to switch around your abilities and come up with a plan of attack will not only make things a lot easier, but is incredibly satisfying and goes a long way in satisfying customisation cravings and reinforcing the feeling that your character is truly a demon-destroying powerhouse that can and will adapt to all situations.

Loot ‘Control’

When you first enter Diablo 3 with your basically unarmed, starting character, every single piece of loot on the ground seems heaven-sent and you can’t wait to check the stats and hopefully equip it. For the aforementioned reason, not to mention the fact that loot is a very major part of Diablo 3, you’re going to want to streamline your looting process as much as possible. This is where that tiny but oh-so-important ‘control’ key on your keyboard is invaluable. 

Mousing over a piece of loot on the ground and holding down the control key will immediately show you you the stats for that particular piece of armor or weapon, saving you the hassle of picking up potential rubbish loot. Doing the same whilst having your inventory open will not only give you the stats for that item, but automatically compare the item with whatever you currently have equipped in the corresponding slot. 

Similarly, holding the ‘Alt’ key when mousing over one-handed weapons or rings will compare them to whatever is equipped in your off-hand slot, or second slot, in the case of rings. 


If you’re like me, or one of the hundreds of thousands of MOBA players out there, the default 1, 2  ,3 , 4 hotkey setup feels a little odd. Your hands now have to stretch that little bit further to use your abilities, making things just plain awkward, and in a pinch, that awkwardness on the keys could mean the difference between completely wiping or destroying a boss. 

Thankfully, you can rebind your keys in Diablo 3. I use the traditional League of Legends style bindings of Q, W, E and R (with my potions unimaginatively remapped to 1) for my abilities and keep the default ‘force attack’ as Shift. The beauty here is that you can remap your bindings (and not just those linked to your abilities) to whatever is most comfortable for you. I’ve heard of people using a W, A, S, D configuration and using the spacebar as their force attack button.  
The choice is yours. 

Helpful hotkeys:

G: Summon your banner to show off to other players
Z: Zoom in on your character (can also be set to automatically trigger when in inventory)
F: Bring up follower character page
Numpad 0-9: Triggers different snippets of character dialogue from your character (Thank you, follow me, etc.)

Happy demon-hunting, friends!

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