Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis Gets Large Pre Alpha Patch

the crowd funded MMO Gloria Victis has gone through some major changes this month. The Team has published the change log for the new pre-alpha client patch that brings some significant bug fixes and technical improvements to the game. Other major additions include a redesigned map, re-balanced enemies, new recipes and improved artificial intelligence. For more information please visit the official website.
Gloria Victis

  • Implemented item destroying and reparation system (item destruction doesn’t affect it’s statistics yet) – temporary destroying process is pretty in order to test reparation mechanics
  • Redesigned the test map – replaced mountains models with manually drawed terrain, adding the miles of new locations and rebuilding the old ones
  • Redesigned resources placement and implementing the new ones, required for advanced recipes
  • Updated the world map
  • Added new music played while fighting with bosses, conquering territories and visiting various locations
  • Rescaled mobs, adjusting their levels to the new test map, balanced their statistics and redesigned their spawnpoints placement
  • Improved mobs AI – they won’t attack a player whose level is much lower than theirs
  • Modified animals drop – instead of specific items player will gather their corpses which he has to skin and butcher
  • Implementing recipes for butchering the animals, meat roasting and brewing (available in shops with crafting materials)
  • Fixed bug allowing mob to deal double damage after player’s block
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