Gloria Victis Improves PvP Experience

Medieval MMORPG Gloria Victis has deployed a new pre-alpha patch, adding new headshot detection into PvP. Players can now gain EXP via PvP as well, making the game just that little extra bit more competitive. The patch also introduces new defensive objects that you can place on the tower next to your gate. Players will now be able to throw stones and logs on the enemies while being sheltered by their stone structure.

Gloria Victis

Here are the full patch notes:


  • Headshot detection has been implemented in PvP
  • Experience gain has been implemented in PvP
  • NPC loot mechanics have been modified so that every player can loot every NPC enemy
  • PvE experience gain mechanics have been modified so that the player who delivered the killing blow gets the experience instead of the player who dealt out the first hit
  • The movement speed of players blocking has been increased – movement is still a bit slower than when you’re not blocking
  • Movement speed of NPC enemies blocking has been increased
  • Random patrolling routes of NPC enemies have been implemented
  • New defensive objects have been placed on the gate towers where you can through stones and wooden logs on the enemies



  • A new time has been added – Fangsborough (in the northwest part of Stoneholm)
  • A raiders camp has been placed near Twinfall
  • A battleground has been placed near Twinfall
  • New NPCs have been added in Audunstede


Gloria Victis 2


Bug Fixes

  • The networking environment has been updated in order to improve the server performance
  • The server’s performance has been significantly increased
  • The working of defensive objects placed on the gate towers has been improved
  • Numerous fixes were implemented for the party system
  • The Polish version of dialogues for some of the NPCs from Aundunstede has been edited

Source: 2P

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