Gloria Victis v.0.5.2 Update Balances Combat Mechanics

Gloria Victis is deploying a new update today, and it redesigns some of the basic formulas you’ve gotten to know and love. The update offers a good amount of improvements to numerous systems, especially to the combat balance and the Valley of Death PvP tournament. Check it out!

Gloria Victis v.0.5.2 Update

The biggest changes come in the form of combat balancing, as the random critical strike factor is being replaced with skill-based factors such as attack power, headshots and backstrikes. The power of headshots and backstrikes now also depends on the character’s dexterity, giving the players even more influence on how they wish to develop their avatars. The formulas for the basic statistics have undergone some redesigning as well after feedback received from the Gloria Victis community. All of this leads to the adjustment of the combat dynamics, so things might feel a bit different than they did before.

Another great improvements is the addition of a capture-able flag to the Valley of Death tournament. The team controlling this flag earns extra points over time, so you and your team will want to get your hands on that flag, as you might lose otherwise. This makes the tournament all the more tactical. In the near future, the tournament formula will be further improved and various possibilities will be tested.

The game’s performance and the servers’ stability have been improved as well. You can learn more about the various fixes in the official Gloria Victis changelog.


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Our Thoughts

Gloria Victis has greatly improved over the last updates, and now that the factor of luck is being scaled down, it becomes all the more fun and skill-based. Gloria Victis, you’re quickly becoming a really great game, and we couldn’t be happier about it.


Source: Gloria Victis v.0.5.2 Changelog

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