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Go Covert With Star Trek Online’s House Pegh

Star Trek Online’s latest Featured Episode House Pegh is now live and available for Captains engaged in the ongoing Iconian War. This latest Episode sends players on a covert operation to strike at the Iconian forces with the force of the Klingon Empire behind them.

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In addition to new content, Cryptic are rolling out additional weekly rewards for House Pegh! This week’s reward is the ‘Up Close and Personal Ground Trait’. This increases ranged weapon damage the closer you are to your target, granting a 10% bonus ranged damage buff when 1.5 meters away, and no effect when you are more than 4.5 meters from your target. Up Close and Personal is usable by all factions.

For the first completion of House Pegh on a Star Trek Online account, this week grants a Featured Episode Weekly Reward box. This reward box gives you a choice between an Enhanced Universal Tech Upgrade, or a Captain Specialization Point box which gives a Specialization to the character it is opened on, though to be able to use the box the character must be above level 50. These boxes and the Tech Upgrade are all Bound to Account to be freely traded between your characters.

There will be new rewards announced next week!


Source: Star Trek Online official update

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