Grand Chase Surpasses 21,000 Concurrent Users in Brazil

Grand Chase Surpasses 21,000 Concurrent Users in Brazil
Fortifies its position as a national online game in Brazil since its debut in 2008
Daegu, Korea, February 16, 2010- KOG, a leading online game developer, announced the 21,000 concurrent user milestone for its popular casual action game, Grand Chase, in Brazil. Grand Chase has been operated by Level Up! Interactive in Brazil since 2006 and has been undoubtedly a number one game after the Season 2 release and a major update in 2008. Grand Chase Season 3 update is planned for the first half of the year. To play the game, visit
Grand Chase teamed up with a local snack foods company in Brazil last August and introduced “Grand Chase Bubble Gum” which contained an in-game redeemable coupon. Within two months, more than 10 million gums were sold and 10 million more re-orders were placed
Comic books and a musical based on Grand Chase are on the way as well as proving its never-dying popularity. 
Grand Chase has been operating in seven countries starting with Thailand and expanding to Brazil, the Philippines, and the United of States. 

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