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GStar 2009 featured MMO games

The upcoming GStar 2009, much like an E3 convention for Korean MMO games, will feature bigger games from industry giants. With Aion taking the lead in the market, gaming companies are toe-to-toe in prepping up their games to attract potential gamers. Games generating much hype are Blade & Soul from NCSoft, and Tera Online from NHN. Other games worth checking are: Age of Conan from Neowiz Games, the sci-fi MMO Berkanix from Sonov, the hybrid MMO Argo from MGame, Mix Master from Aurola, the western-inspired CryEngine-developed N.E.D. Online from WeMade Entertainment, and The Heaven of Three Kingdoms from HanbitSoft. Also featured in GStar will be the unveiling of Nexon’s new game. This seems to be really hush-hush for now. We’ll just have to wait for the revelation in the event. What do you think? Got any ideas on what Nexon’s latest game might be?


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